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Today’s Question of the Week comes from the pages of our very own forums:

Is there a name that you wish you were gutsy enough to use—but probably aren’t?  One that you really  love, but fear is too extreme?

Are you afraid of the effect it would have on your child–or other people’s reaction?

FYI–some of the names your fellow berries have put on the table:

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Our Question of the Week:  Did you make a last minute name change once you met your baby?

Did it happen to you that after months of pondering, discussing, eliminating, perhaps sharing with other berries, you finally narrowed the options down to the name you loved most—and then oops—it just didn’t seem the right fit for your baby when she/he arrived?

Did you have an alternative choice in mind—or a whole list of names in reserve?  Or did you have to go back to Square One?

Did you decide to stay with your original choice,  knowing how much newborns can change?

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Baby Name Battles: Lost or Won?


The Question of the Week:

Has a favorite name of yours ever been–or tried to be– vetoed by your partner?

How did you handle it?  Did you try to convince him or her?  Did you win the battle?

Did you start to see the other’s point of view?

Will you try again and bring the same name up again next time around?

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Did You Have an Almost Name?


Question of the week: Was there a different name under consideration for you before you were born?

For me it was Lydia or Laurel, both of which I kinda prefer to Linda.

So, have your parents ever revealed to you the other choices they had discussed?  Was there a whole list, or just one main contender?

Was it a close call?  At what point was the final decision made?  Did your almost name almost make it onto your birth certificate?

Do you think it would have fit you as well—or better?–than the one that won out?

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According to one site (and of course picked up by many others), John Travolta leaked the name of his son-to-be —Benjamin– several weeks before his birth, prompting us to pose this Question of the Week:

What do you consider to be the optimum moment to make your baby name announcement—and why?

Would you be certain enough of your decision, and impervious enough to namenapping and negative opinions, to pronounce it to the world at any time during your pregnancy (or even before)?

Would you, like the Travoltas, wait until the birth was imminent?

Or would you have a strict no-tell policy and not make the news of your baby name decision public until after the arrival and you’re absolutely sure that the name fits the babe?

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