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unusual boy name

Cate writes:

My husband and I are currently expecting our second child, due on January 1st. We have decided not to find out the sex, which, although special, is making deciding on a name twice as difficult.

Our son’s name is Dougray Dawson, but he goes by Gray primarily. I absolutely adore his name. It’s unique and meaningful – Dougray is after my father, Douglas, and Dawson is after my father-in-law, David – but also familiar because of his nickname.

Finding another name we love as much as Gray‘s is proving to be difficult. We like Miriam Jude for a girl and Thaddeus Boston for a boy, but aren’t 100% sold and stumped for other options.

Some family names include: Donald, Matthew, Edward, Dorothy, Marjorie, Anne, and Judith.

We’re both runners, so I liked the idea of connecting that to the name: Miles, Dashiell (Dash), Jethro (Jett), and Boston.

I want to find a name that has the same “feel” as Dougray, and I’m not sure if we’ve discovered the perfect name. Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you so much! 

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Name Sage Junior

Andrea writes:

We are expecting our second daughter on January 11th. I have been obsessed with naming children for as long as I can remember. My best friend even gave me the book Beyond Jennifer and Jason as a present in the sixth grade.

Surprisingly enough, I never imagined it would be this difficult to choose a name for my child. Our first daughter was named a day after we were engaged … it was easy and perfect. She has the same full name as my husband – Morgan Campbell – but we call her Junie, short for Junior. We love it and it fits her just perfectly.

For the second though, we are all over the place. I’m afraid my problem is that I’ve thought TOO much about this over the years. The “rules” I have in place for the perfect name all contradict each other, so no name is perfect. Until, of course, I think I find the perfect name only to have my husband simply say, nope.

We would like the middle name to be Clyn (pronounced like “Klein”, my father-in-law’s first name) or Christopher (my mother-in-law’s first name).

We have considered the following names, but none of them seems quite right: Caroline, Kendall, Halle, Marlowe, Autumn, Isla, Abel, Georgia, Annika, and Bronwen. My husband likes Campbell and Parker, but I don’t. I like Corinne, Korin, Eden, Elin, AJ, EJ, or Eira, but my husband does not.

In general, I’d like something that is different, but not made up; feminine, though I seem to love unisex names. I’d like it to go well with Junie if at all possible, but not too matchy. Except I love most nicknames ending in the ‘ee’ sound.

I’m so afraid it’s going to end up being a last minute decision that’s going to feel like we are settling and would really love to avoid that, if possible.

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How to Find A Name You BOTH Love

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baby name compromise

Nell writes:

We’re expecting our first child, and we’re keeping the gender a surprise.

We have no idea where to start with names! I like vintage like Ignatius, Posey or Nancy, and my husband is into the more trendy names like Mason or Parker or Ava.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated! I’m due in early January.

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Name Sage: We Agree on Nothing!

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Name Sage argument

*(Before we get started with this week’s question, a request. Has your question been featured at the Name Sage? We are dying to know what you chose! Please send a birth announcement email to!)

Sarah writes:

My husband and I are expecting a little girl this winter. She will be our first child and we are both overjoyed! However, finding a name for our little one has proved to be quite the challenge.

I’m that girl who had her children’s names picked when I was ten. My husband has other ideas. Who would ever have thought we could have such different taste!

I am in love with the name Ruby and have been for sometime. I would like to name our little girl Ruby Beth or Ruby Ann.

He has been suggesting names like Cheyenne, Sahara, and Sierra. These are not names I would even want to consider, as my tastes run more along the lines of old fashioned and simple.

Other names I like that he has nixed included Laura, Addison, Ryan, and Annabeth. 

The only name we can come close to an agreement on would be to use Ann in some way in our daughter’s name.

At this point we are both at a loss and drowning in names that we cannot agree on! Any advice you can grant us would be such a great help!

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Name Sage: Honoring Grandma Beverly

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baby girl names

Christina writes: 

I’m just a few weeks away from my due date and my husband and I are having major naming blocks! With our first I knew her name before we were even married. My grandmother is Theresa and I knew Tessa would be the perfect way to honor that, as well as a beautiful name without being too unusual. 

This time around we’re trying to honor my husband’s grandmother who passed away earlier this year. But Beverly is a hard one for me to get on board with – and my husband agrees!

We’ve been trying variations on Beverly but haven’t really stuck on anything as a first or middle name. I’m not a huge fan of B names in general, but I could get on board with an E name. I have liked Erin for a while now, but still not sure it is The Name.


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