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Gender: M Meaning of Theo: "divine gift" Origin of Theo: Diminutive of Theodore Theo's Popularity in 2015: #408

Many modern parents use Theo as the short form for Theodore rather than the dated Ted--including some celebs, such as Dallas Bryce Howard-- but others bypass the Grandpa name Theodore entirely and skip right to the hip nickname Theo. Short and ultra-chic, Theo's a cool, contemporary baby name choice.

Theo first made an impact as the name of the only son on "The Cosby Show," earlier it was associated with Vincent Van Gogh's supportive brother Theo.

Theo is currently having a burst of popularity in Europe, ranking in the Top 50 in Germany, France, Sweden and Norway. Although not quite so popular in the US, Theo has risen more than 500 ranks in the last five years and now ranks in at Number 408.

Famous People Named Theo

Theodorus "Theo" van Gogh, Dutch art dealer & brother of Vincent van Gogh
Theo Darby, Son of Rhys Darby
Theo Rossi, American actor
Theo Paphitis, retail magnate and British entrepreneur of Greek Cypriot origin
Theo James, English actor, whose real name is Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis
Theo Horan, nephew of Niall Horan
Theo Adams, Theatre Artist
Theo Albrecht, German businessman
Theo Wade Brown, designer and engineer
Theo de Raadt, founder and leader of the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects
Theo Epstein, president of the Chicago Cubs
Theo Fleury, Canadian ice hockey player
Theo Hutchcraft, English musician and lead singer of Hurts
Theo Jansen, Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor
Theo Papaloukas, Greek basketball player
Theo Ratliff, an American professional basketball player (NBA)
Theo Vonkurnatowski, also known as Theo Von, reality TV star and comedian
Theo Walcott, England and Arsenal footballer
Theo Sarapo, French actor and singer

Pop Culture References for the name Theo

Theodore "Theo" Huxtable, character on The Cosby Show
Theodore "Theo" Kojak, character on Kojak
Theo Faron, main character in the film Children of Men
"Theo," 2013 film starring Dakota Johnson
Theo Chocolate, chocolatier in Seattle, Washington
Theodore Finch "Theo" a main protagonist in the book called All the Bright Places
Theo Decker, the protagonist of The Goldfinch
Theo Raeken, character in MTV's Teen Wolf
Theodore 'Ted' Mosby main character in How I Met Your Mother