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Gender: F Meaning of Sheila: "blind one" Origin of Sheila: Irish variation of Cecilia

Sheila peaked in popularity from the 1930s to the 1960s (she reached Number 49 in 1965), along with Maureen and Colleen; parents today would probably go back to the original Cecilia or forward to Shea.

Famous People Named Sheila

Sheila E. (Escovedo), American percussionist, drummer, and singer
Sheila Simon, American politician
Karen Sheila Gillan, Scottish actress
Sheila Cameron Hancock, English actress and author
Sheila (born Annie Chancel), French pop singer
Sheila Eddy, who, with her best friend Rachel Shoaf, murdered their friend Skylar Neese back in 2012
Sheila Ryan, American actress, mother of actor Scott Caan, ex-wife of actor James Caan

Pop Culture References for the name Sheila

Sheila Franklin, character from "Hair"
Sheila Bennett, character on TV's "The Vampire Diaries," grandmother of Bonnie Bennett
Sheila Bryant, character from "A Chorus Line"
Sheila Jackson, character on Showtime series "Shameless"
Sheila, name of the kangaroo from game "Spyro the Dragon"
Sheila Take a Bow, song by The Smiths
Sheila, character in movie "What's Your Number"
"Sheila", song by Jamie T
"Sheila", song by Tommy Roe
Shelagh (pronounced Sheila) Turner, character from "Call the Midwife" (former Sister Bernadette)
Sheila Broflovski, Kyle's mom on "South Park"

Sheila's International Variations

Sile (Irish Gaelic)