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Gender: F Meaning of Leonora: Italian diminutive of Eleonora or Eleanor, meaning unknown

A "modernization" of Leonora that no longer feels very modern.

Famous People Named Lenore

Lenore Skenazy, American journalist and author
Sutton Lenore Foster, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Lenore

-A poem by Edgar Allan Poe
-Also appears in Poe's "The Raven" as the lost love of the narrator
-Gottfried August Burger's German ballad "Lenore"
-Lenore La Verne, stage name of Elly Chiply (actress, who marries Harold Westbrook) in the Edna Ferber novel Show Boat (1926)
-Washing powder called Lenore
-In a children's fable called Many Moons, the little girl is named Lenore
-Lenore Case, Cameron Diaz's character in the 2011 movie The Green Hornet

Lenorre, Lenorr, Leonora, Lenor, Lenora, Lenorra, Leonore, Lenorah