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Gender: F Meaning of Carina: Italian, "dear little one" Karina's Popularity in 2014: #429

This sweet and loving name, favored in recent years by a mix of Hispanic-American parents and Bob Dylan fans, was chosen for her daughter by TV actress Melina Kanakaredes.

Famous People Named Karina

Katrina "Karina" Lombard, Tahitian-American actress/singer
Karina Smirnoff, Ukrainian-American dancer on TV's Dancing with the Stars
Karina Beteta, Peruvian politician
Karina Pasian, American singer
Karina Logue, actress and sister of actor Donal Logue
Karina Berger, Swiss model
Karina Gauvin, Canadian soprano
Karina Habsudova, Slovak tennis player
Karina Chenelle LeBlanc, Canadian soccer player
(Laura) Karina González (Muñoz), Nuestra Belleza México 2011
Karina Ramos (Leiton), Miss Costa Rica 2014

Pop Culture References for the name Karina