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Gender: F

Justina was the pre-Justine feminization of Justin, now a possible alternative to Christina. Oddly, while Justine feels like a name unto itself, Justina feels like a pinned-together feminization in the mold of Richarda or Benjamina.

Famous People Named Justina

Saint Justina of Padua, Italian virgin-martyr who converted Saint Cyprian
Saint Justina of Cagliari, Sardinian martyred with her sisters Justa and Henedina
Justina, wife of Roman Emperor Valentinian I
Justina Kristina Casagli, Swedish opera singer
Justina Machado, American actress
Justina Robson, English novelist
Justina Vail Evans, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Justina

Lady Justinia (sic) Meredith, nee Lufton, character in 'Framley Parsonage' (1861) by Anthony Trollope

Justeena, Justine