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Gender: F Meaning of Juliana: "youthful" Origin of Juliana: Latin, feminine variation of Julian Juliana's Popularity in 2015: #168

Long common in Europe, the elegant and regal Juliana, also spelled with two n's, has invaded these shores, in tandem with the more classic Julia. There were several early Saint Julianas and Queen Juliana was the long-reigning monarch of The Netherlands. Julianna Margulies has given that spelling of the name a substantial push.

On the Top 1000 since 1881, Juliana now ranks at Number 168, give to nearly 2,000 babies last year.

Famous People Named Juliana

Juliana of Norwich, medieval English mystic
Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern, Queen of Denmark
Juliana, Countess of Stolberg-Wernigerode, mother of William the Silent
Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands
Juliana Berners, medieval English writer and prioress
Juliana Hatfield, American musician
Juliana Felisberta da Silva, Brazilian beach volleyball player
Juliana Couto Paes, Brazilian actress
Juliana Rodrigues Veloso, Brazilian Olympic diver

Pop Culture References for the name Juliana

Juliana, character in the animated movie Quest for Camelot

Julianne, Lianne, Julyana, Juliann, Julianna, Julliana, Julyanna, Liana, Julieana, Julieanna, Lianna

Juliana's International Variations

Julinka, Julesa, Juliska, Julianja (Hungarian) Julienne (French) Juliane (German) Giuliana (Italian)