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Gender: M Meaning of Hercules: "glory of Hera" Origin of Hercules: Greek

Any boy with this name, a synonym for power via the Greek mythology figure, better be strong of body, and of psyche.

Famous People Named Hercules

Hercules Mulligan, American spy during the Revolutionary War

Pop Culture References for the name Hercules

Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's fictional detective
"Hercules, Hercules!," Eddie Murphy line in "The Nutty Professor"
"Hercules", song by Sara Bareilles
Hercules - Roman version of the name of a demigod in greek mythology. Found in many contemporary pieces such as the Disney movie "Hercules", and minor character in Rick Riordan's "Heroes of Olympus" series.
Roman name of Greek Heracles. Demigod son of Zeus famous for the 12 labours of Hercules.

Herculies, Ercule, Heracles

Hercules's International Variations

Herakles, Heraklees (Greek) Ercole (Italian) Herculano (Spanish) Hercule (French)