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Gender: F Origin of Haven: Word name, English Haven's Popularity in 2015: #330

Haven is a recently invented safe-harbor name that appeals to an increasing number of parents who don't want to voyage quite as far as Heaven.

Its choice by Jessica Alba for her second daughter has already inspired other baby namers—in 2015 it ranked at Number 330, the highest it's been since entering the list in 1996.

Haven Kimmel is the author of the bestselling memoir A Girl Named Zippy, and Haven Denney is a medal-winning skater. There was also a supernatural TV series called Haven.

Famous People Named Haven

Haven Gillespie, songwriter "Santa Clause is Coming To Town"
Haven Moses, American NFL football player
Haven Riney, American radio host and actor
James Haven, Angelina Jolie's brother
Haven Shoemaker, Maryland Legislator
Haven Kimmel, American writer
Haven Denney, American figure skater
Haven Garner Warren, daughter of actress Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Pop Culture References for the name Haven

Safe Haven, 2013 movie based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name
Haven, American TV series on SyFy
Haven, book by Beverly Patt
A prominent location in the video game 'Dragon Age: Inquisition,' which played a more minor part in it's predecessor 'Dragon Age: Origins.'

Hayven, Havin, Hayvin, Havun