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Gender: F Meaning of Electra: "shining, bright" Origin of Electra: Greek

Though the tragedies of the Greeks and Eugene O'Neill that used this name are filled with incest and murder, Electra is still a brilliant choice. Isabella Rossellini chose the gentler Italian verson, Elletra, for her now grown daughter.

Famous People Named Electra

Carmen Electra, actress
Electra, daughter of philanthropist Louisine Havemeyer

Pop Culture References for the name Electra

Electra, Cathy's dog from the comic strip "Cathy"
Freud lent this name to the "Electra Complex," the female equivalent of an Oedipal Complex
Welsh singer Marina Diamandis, who performs under the name "Marina and the Diamonds," has a character-piece album called "Electra Heart," which is also the name of her alter ego.
Electra, a chorus kitten from the musical "Cats"

Ellectra, Alectra, Oectra, Ellektra, Elektra

Electra's International Variations

Elettra (Italian)