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Gender: M Origin of Damon: English variation of Damian Damon's Popularity in 2015: #427

Damon is a name with a strong, pleasing aura (much like the persona of Matt D.) and extremely positive ancient associations. From the classical myth, Damon and Pythias have become symbols of true friendship, as Damon risked his life to save his friend from execution. And Damon of Athens was the fifth century philosopher who taught both Pericles and Socrates.

Other interesting associations: Damon Runyon wrote Guys and Dolls, Damon is one of the funny Wayans brothers, Damon Dash is a high-profile music exec, and Damon Salvatore is a key figure in The Vampire Diaries.

Famous People Named Damon

Damon, ancient Greek musicologist and teacher of Pericles
(Alfred) Damon Runyon, American newspaperman and author
Damon Albarn, English lead singer of bands "Blur" and "Gorillaz"
Damon Graham Devereux Hill, English racing driver, son of driver Graham Hill
Damon Smith aka Smoothe da Hustler, American rapper
Damon Kyle Wayans, American actor
Damon Dash, American record executive and manager
Damon Allen, American CFL football player
Damon Laurence Lindelof, American TV producer and writer
Damon Elliott, American record producer; son of singer Dionne Warwick
Damon Lamon Stoudamire, American basketball player
(Mark) Damon Pieri, American NFL football player
Damon Duval, American NFL football player
Damon Jerrel Dunn, American NFL football player and politician
Damon Che (Fitzgerald), American drummer of band Don Caballero
Matthew Paige "Matt" Damon, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Damon

Damon Salvatore, one of the male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries
Damon, Greek mythological figure, friend of Pythias
Damon Wildeve, sullen failed engineer and innkeeper, a central character in The Return of the Native (1878) by Thomas Hardy
Damon Young, a main character from Make It or Break It
Damon Gant, absolute prick and main antagonist in "Rise from the Ashes" in the Ace Attorney video game series
Damon Dawson, from the TV series "Heroes"
Damon Carter, character on TV's "Soul Food"
"Damon," novel by Charles Terry Cline, Jr. and its main character
This is "nomad" spelled backwards.

Damen, Damin, Daman, Daymon

Damon's International Variations

Daimon (Greek) Damone (Italian)