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Gender: M Meaning of Dakota: "friendly one" Origin of Dakota: Place-name; Sioux Dakota's Popularity in 2015: #357

An early and still popular unisex place name and name of a Native American people in the northern Mississippi valley. While the popularity of Dakota is trending downward for both genders, it's one of those names that is used for nearly equal numbers of boys and girls; Dakota ranked at Number 242 for girls and Number 357 for boys in 2015.

Famous People Named Dakota

Dakota Avery Goyo, Canadian Actor
Dakota Lohan, brother of American actress Lindsay Lohan
William Dakota, son of American model/actress Angela Lindvall
Dakota Laden, filmmaker/director/producer
Dakota Bradley, country singer
Dakota Servold, professional skater
Dakota Cochrane, professional fighter and champion
Dakota Paul Brinkman (b. 1989) son of actress Melissa Gilbert
Dakota Chapman (b. 1995), son of Leland Chapman
Dakota Jefferson Holiday (b. 2010), son of musician William Alphin

Pop Culture References for the name Dakota

Dakoda, Dekohta, Dakodah, Dekowta, Dakoeta, Dekota, Daccota, Dakotah