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Gender: F Pronunciation: CAR-mull Meaning of Carmel: "garden" Origin of Carmel: Hebrew

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Carmel is a biblical place-name heard much more frequently in Ireland than in the U.S. and is considered a particularly Catholic name. It is given in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is the name of a mountain ridge on the Mediterranean near Haifa in Israel, mentioned in the Old Testament, famous for its lush vegetation and said to have been often visited by Mary and the Infant Christ.

Irish-born Carmel Snow was a one-time influential editor of Harper's Bazaar; Carmel Myers was a sultry silent movie star. Caveat: Could be confused with a candy.

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Famous People Named Carmel

Carmel Quinn, Irish singer
Carmel Myers, silent film actress

Pop Culture References for the Name Carmel

Carmel, California (though pronounced "Car-mell")

Carma, Carmaletta, Carmalit, Carmalita, Carmalla, Carman, Carmania, Carmanya, Carmarit, Carmeli, Carmelia, Carmelina, Carmelit, Carmelita, Carmelitha, Carmelitia, Carmella, Carmelle, Carmellia, Carmellina, Carmellit, Carmellita, Carmellitha, Carmellitia, Carmesa, Carmesha, Carmi, Carmia, Carmie, Carmiel, Carmiela, Carmil, Carmila, Carmile, Carmilla, Carmille, Carmina, Carmine, Carmisha, Carmit, Carmiya, Carmy, Karmel, Karmela, Karmelit, Karmen, Leeta, Lina, Lita, Melina, Melita, Mina